I am thankful to Maya CARE Foundation for sending a buddy to my 87 yr old Father in law. The volunteer who visits us once a week or fortnight, chats with my father in law who has mild Alzheimer's and mobility restrictions. Through their regular conversations, he instilled confidence in him and convinced him to participate in activities and just be happier!

Mr David

As a senior citizen, going through the usual slowdown in life, it has made a big difference to me to have the company of volunteers so generously given. I have also had much practical help from them, in generally getting around in the city, whether for diversion or for necessity. The obvious recognition by Maya CARE, that a senior citizen does not necessarily have to be bed-ridden or incapacitated, in order to gain help and attention, and lead a pleasant, cheerful life - this is what makes Maya CARE deserving of its name.

Ms. Surayya