Who are we?

Maya CARE has a network of co-ordinators and volunteers across the UK.

Maya CARE volunteers include young adults (above 18 years of age), homemakers, working professionals and active senior citizens who visit senior citizens in their own homes/assisted living facilities to provide services. None of us can ever fully replace a family member. But as families of senior citizens and those with disability struggle to fulfil conflicting commitments, each of us at Maya CARE has pledged to make up for their absence with integrity, responsibility and patience.

Our Vision

To become synonymous with elderly care. Caring for senior citizens, giving them friendly company and independence just like their family members.

Our Mission

To provide services for senior citizens in a professional and safe environment through our expanding network of compassionate volunteers.

Our Pledge

Maya Care aims to fulfil the growing need for enhancing the comfort of senior citizens living in the UK. During our interactions with senior citizens, each of us at Maya CARE pledge to conduct our duties based on these three simple values:

  • I don the identity of a Maya CARE associate with pride.
  • With the faith that today
  • Will be a turning point in my life
  • The day I chose to assume responsibility for a future
  • Of new learning, self-reliance and dignity

On this date, I pledge to CARE with:


Be honest in every transaction. If something has been missed out, admit our mistake and rectify it at the earliest.


Ensure that the task undertaken is completed in the time frame committed. If the task cannot be accomplished due to an unavoidable reason, inform the service recipient of the same.


Treat each service recipient with respect and make a sincere effort to understand the expectation in each transaction.